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Specialist in gauges and thermometers


Due to the wide range of possibilities in the field of gauges, every client has his own specific wish. With a team of experts and an automation far carried out Emvo Techniek has a very customer-specific treatment.


Emvo Techniek represents multiple factories for the complete tool coverage. We have many gauges and ranges on stock to guarantee quick and flexible delivery.

Emvo in easy words

Emvo is a specialized trade company in pressure gauges and themometers. In pressure gauges there is a large program of more than 2000 different gauges. We can deliver all gauges out of stock.

Calibration and reparation of manometers

U can also come to us for overhaul, calibration and reparation of manometers.

Explosion-proof manometers

We offer a comprehensive program with exposion-proof manometers conformity the ATEX and IECEx regulations.

Manometers with overprint/ logo

It is possible to supply manometer with an overprint / logo. It is also possible to choose an colored manometer.

Are you looking for a high quality manometer? Then you’ve found the right website. Emvo is the specialist in the field of high quality manometers. We offer a large range of various types of manometers, ensuring the perfect manometer for your situation.

Emvo has an expansive international network and maintains close contact with leading European producers. This enables us to offer you a wide range of manometers at highly competitive prices. We’re also ready to provide you with advice regarding the best possible manometer for your situation.

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What is a manometer?

Whereas the function of a thermometer is widely known, not everyone knows what the function of a manometer is. However, it’s not a complicated one. A manometer is simply an instrument to measure pressure. There are countless situations that call for the use of a manometer. A good example is the metal manometer that is used in boilers to measure pressure. And what about digital manometers that are perfect for use in industrial environments? Emvo can supply virtually any type of manometer and has years of experience in various sectors.

Optimal functionality of a manometer

The optimal functionality of a manometer is essential, especially when it comes to professional use. Emvo’s manometers meet strict quality requirements and provide highly accurate measurements. This guarantees instruments that you can trust, even in the most difficult conditions. Emvo offers various manometers for all types of uses. Among others, we offer: stainless steel gauges, pressure recorders, manometers with a chemical seal, differential manometers, digital manometers with power supply, explosion proof manometers and manometers with logo or print.

The best manometer quality and service

At Emvo you’ll find not only the highest quality manometers, but also in-depth product knowledge and expert advice. Our experienced, service orientated staff would love to advise you on all the possibilities that we offer in the field of manometers. Have you made your choice? We have a large stock and are able to deliver within a short period of time. Do you have any further questions about our service or a specific manometer? Feel free to call us at +31-(0)413-473037 or send an email to