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Specialist in gauges and thermometers
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About Emvo

True specialists in the field of manometers and thermometers since 1982.

EMVO Techniek can handle the pressure!

We have consciously concentrated on exceptionally high-quality European manometers and thermometers. Consequently we’re able to honestly call ourselves specialists in this field. In addition, to our high quality products we distinguish ourselves through extensive product knowledge, efficiency and service-oriented focus. We are excited by complex challenges, and we can’t wait to advise you on the myriad of possible options!

Wide product range

We are able to offer a wide range of manometers and thermometers as a result of a number of well-maintained relationships with a variety of European manufacturers. And because of our excellent service, we always have a wide variety of products in stock readily available for delivery. 

Service and field knowledge 

Our enthusiastic team is at your disposal with expert advice and specialist knowledge in the field. We will also advise you on different applications. Together we decide on the correct product, and should the need arise; we also provide calibration and repair services.

Quality and flexibility are our strengths! Working together with a reliable delivery company, we ensure that you receive your ordered product as soon as possible.

Emvo Techniek; we can handle the pressure!

Who are we?

The star players of Emvo Techniek are all motivated and enthusiastic employees, glowing with satisfaction. Irrespective of where they’re working or what their function is, everyone makes an important contribution. Our team is one of which we’re truly proud.

Wilbert Fassbender

Wilbert took over the lead role at Emvo Techniek in 1998, succeeding his wife, Marianne Fassbender-Vogels, and her father, Martien Vogels. Wilbert sets and articulates the policy in addition to being in charge of the company’s general management. ‘It’s important to be future-orientated in one's work; how can we do it better, more efficiently, more innovatively, more professionally and how can we be more flexible to ensure timely delivery to the customer, while maintaining the quality that we stand for.’ 

Joost Meuwissen

Joost has been strengthening the team as commercial manager since 2011. With his commercial, technical background and broad product expertise he consults in the field of pressure and temperature technology. ‘We distinguish ourselves through our personal approach. By means of constant communication with our customers and suppliers, we know what’s going on. As a result, we’re able to make a difference when it comes to service and quality.’

Lisette van der Kallen

Lissete has been available to help you with all of your financial questions since 2005. As accounting administrative staff, she is responsible for the complete creditor and debtor administration.  In addition, she utilises her technical knowledge when communicating with customers. ‘We consider going the extra mile for your customers of great importance at Emvo Techniek.’ The extra mile is certainly something this marathon runner knows a thing or two about. 

Emvo - Ruud Peters

Ruud Peters

Unpacking incoming products, storing them at the correct place in the warehouse, packaging and preparing sold products for delivery, Calibration and Repair, Ruud has been supporting Ans and strengthening the team in the warehouse. Maintaining cleanliness is one of the things they do, resulting in both the warehouse and office always being spotless. ‘Co-operation within EMVO is like a well-oiled machine.’ Ruud, like his co-workers, is proud of his job, and together they ensure that the customer receives the right product as soon as possible.

Ans Evers & Moos

She is proud of her job and it shows. Since the very beginning of Emvo Techniek, Ans has been managing a spotless warehouse, where she unpacks every incoming product and stores it at a precise location. She carefully prepares sold products for delivery. There isn't a product that she doesn't know, due to her many years of experience. She enjoys her job, the company of her colleagues and the tightly bonded team. ‘If something comes up, we help each other – in any way necessary.’

Mieke Branten

Mieke has been enjoying her job as commercial internal service worker. Since 2008, she has been responsible for both sales as well as purchasing of components. ‘By means of on-point purchasing, we are able to supply our customers with quality products at competitive prices.’ With her technical knowledge and listening skills, she provides each customer with the right advice. As a true team player, Mieke jumps in where needed. Quick and flexible delivery is possible partly due to her contribution. ‘Our team is pleasant, and we understand and complement each other well.’

Ron Gräper

Ron Gräper

An experienced company stalwart, Ron Gräper utilises his commercial capabilities on a daily basis. Ron is highly trusted due to his extensive experience in pressure- and temperature technology. By selling, among other products, valves and pressure gauges, Ron also has extensive experience in technology wholesale and production companies. According to Ron, he has found a solid family business in Emvo Techniek, with ample opportunity for individual contribution to the job and personal development. Ron feels that the diversity of applications is a tremendous challenge – from submarines to Dakar shock absorbers. All the necessary expertise comes into play in a big way, every single day.

Marianne Fassbender-Vogels

Together with her father Martien Vogels, Marianne Fassbender-Vogels has been there since the very beginning of Emvo Techniek. Consequently, she is well versed in all facets of the business, including sales, purchasing, administration and the warehouse. Over the past few years, she has slowed down a little. She has delegated a lot of her responsibilities, but when it gets busy, she’s quick to lend a helping hand. ‘I still think that it is wonderful that we complete tasks together. I am proud of the result time and time again!’

About Emvo

Emvo is a real 'people's business, therefore we would like to introduce you to the people behind the company.

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